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A few days ago I blogged about some Halloween Baking Pans for making full-size cakes and mini cakes. How did I forget to talk about my favorite of all cake sizes, the cupcake?! Along with shaped pans, another baking item that I find indispensable are reusable silicone cupcake liners. They are traditionally available in bright colors, but for Halloween they roll out the black, orange and purple ones. Instead of using disposable papers or greasing a muffin pan, silicone baking molds are totally non-stick so you barely lose a crumb and there’s no greasy mess or paper to dispose of. They are dishwasher safe and can withstand temperatures up to 500°F. The only downside is that people can sometimes tend to think of these as freebies or trash and some may “disappear”. For that reason they seem best suited for older kids and events where you know most of the people in attendance. Alternately, you can remove the wrapper before serving.

Cupcakes are easier to serve at parties and events rather than full size cakes because no plates or serving utensils are required. Less mess, and the added bonus of having a higher frosting to cake ratio! But if you don’t have a large table or counter, fitting more than a dozen cupcakes into the space can be hard. That’s where cupcake stands come in. There aren’t any Halloween-specific stands, but you can order a custom stand or make your own and deck it out spooky-style.

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Halloween Food by Lauren

Torture Coffin Sofa CoverHosting a spooky Halloween party this year? Or just want to redecorate the living room for a while? Try these inexpensive and easy to apply covers and wall clings over your everyday furniture to spook the place up. This Torture Coffin Sofa Cover is made of cotton and polyester blend and not only freaks people out, but makes it easy to clean up all the crumbs your ghostly guests leave behind. Personally, I’d drape this over my sofa at least once a month just to get a new look on things.

Haunted Halloween Door CoverLet your costumed guests know that the fun starts at the door with this Haunted Halloween Door Cover. Send chills down their spines as they reach to open the door labeled Do Not Enter with blood and have to squeeze the vein-y texture of this rubber eyeball to get in.

Creepy Jail Large Wall Clings Spooky ScenesSend a message to your ghoulish friends and bring together the tortured skeletons look by adding these Creepy Jail Wall Clings behind your Torture Coffin Sofa Cover. Each wall cling is 33.5″ wide x 65.5″ long and the sofa cover fits 74″ – 96″ sofas. All this and more at BuyCostumes’ new for 2006 Halloween Decorations section.

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Halloween Decor by Sean

Zombie Candy GrabberLooking for a more creative way to pass out candy? You’ve found it! This creepy cardboard zombie display makes trick-or-treaters reach inside the rotting zombie’s guts to get their free treat. I love this idea better than when people leave a big bowl of candy out on their porch because they aren’t home: it’s way creepier. Check out the look on that kids face. That warms my heart the way looking at babies does for most people. The Zombie Candy Grabber is available from ShinDigz and stands 5’1″ tall. Don’t just use it once a year, remember to bring it out for parties year round.

An alternative use that can add some zombies into your everyday life is to set this by the front door and use it to store your keys or cell phone in. This way you get to reach into zombie guts every time you leave the house!

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Halloween Decor, Zombies by Sean

Halloween is a time for reinvention and trying new things. We take ideas that seem mundane on any other day, and with an added creepy kick, they become unique Halloween entities. Pretty prom queens become zombie prom queens, pumpkins become jack-o-lanterns, and cupcakes become skull cakes. Mmm, skull cakes…

I love experimenting in the kitchen so I own a lot of interesting “novelty” baking items, and they never disappoint. Put a regular old cupcake into a pan shaped like a skull (or anything else unconventional) and the recipients are twice as appreciative. Presentation is an important part of creating or serving food that is frequently overlooked. If you bring in some cake to the office, your kid’s class, or a Halloween party, try using a shaped pan and see how everyone fawns over it. The large (full cake pan size) and small (large cupcake size) skull cake pans shown above are perfect for this. The simple eye and teeth details make icing a breeze since you just need to put a thin layer of frosting to cover everything and then follow the indentations with a smaller frosting tube. Even total baking novices can create a spooky Halloween cake with these pans!

UPDATE: Halloween Cupcakes for parties and events, when a whole cake just isn’t convenient.

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Halloween Food by Lauren
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This is a brilliant idea for kids who are having trouble with bad dreams. With a little bit of storytelling setup, your child can fall asleep easier knowing that Snargle (the black one) and Fribbler (the white one) are good monsters who love to gobble up their nightmares. Have them write and/or draw about the things that frighten or worry them, and by bedtime they will be devoured, never to trouble them again. You might even go on to explain that each Nightmare Snatcher is handmade by an artisan, just for them. With their soft faux fur and odd googley eyes, Snargle and Fribbler look tough enough to handle any nightmare without being too scary themselves. Their attached tales also double as a bookmark.

For those of you without nightmare worries (hopefully the vast majority of you), you might see these handmade journals in a little different light. Their design is so eye-catching and lends itself to a variety of unique uses; personal journal, teacher’s notebook, guestbook, or a piece of spooky decor for Halloween (a little reminiscent of the Necronomicon, yes?). The hand cut, tea dyed pages along with the furry covers make this a tactile pleasure as well as a fun little work of art.

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Halloween Decor by Lauren

Rue Morgue Internet Horror RadioIt may be a little early for some of you, but we’ve got a couple spooky listening suggestions to put you in the Halloween mood. Music and broadcasts with a creepy, horror theme to them are part of a small but growing genre. Rue Morgue Radio claims to be “the world’s original all horror broadcast”, and at just over 2 years old it appears to still be leading the way. From their parent company, Rue Morgue Magazine (around since Halloween 1997), RMR features music, film and other art with a horror theme. Every Friday you’ll hear music from the likes of the Misfits, Barnes & Barnes, Alice Cooper, and Midnight Syndicate and interviews with notable horror movie makers and writers. There are also excerpts and trailers from movies (both new and old), and reviews of horror movies from a duo called The Caustic Critics. Like any podcast, some episodes are much better than others, but it’s an overall excellent broadcast that we tune into every week.

One of the bands featured several times on RMR is Creature Feature, a 2 piece band from Ventura, California that makes us squirm with delight! The first thought that popped into our heads as “The Greatest Show Unearthed” began playing was an easy, if incomplete, comparison. Creature Feature sounds like the soundtrack to a Tim Burton movie. Their lyrics read like one of his poems, and the mood and tone are of the same casual insanity. But beyond the lack of pretense and seemingly perfect aptitude for all things macabe, Creature Feature posesses a greater flexability. Of the 4 songs available on their MySpace page (their website is in the works), we hear promises of dark fun with a price, light-hearted nursery rhyme style obituaries, a tense zompocalypse narration, and a first person kidnapping plot with some genuinly creepy moments. Needless to say, we’re in love. Creature Feature will be playing in October in San Diego and we’re planning on doing a blog post about the show, so tune in next month for more on Curtis Rx and Erik X, aka Creature Feature.

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Halloween Entertainment, Halloween Websites by Lauren
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