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On Halloween night, lawn decorations get the most attention simply because trick-or-treaters have to pass them to get their treats. Low lying fog, eerie colored lights, and spooky sounds are all just accents to your lawn decorations, which are the center of attention to your costumed visitors. My obsession for zombies brings us to an obvious choice for lawn decorations that should bring a scare or smile to anyones masked face.

First up is the Corpse Solar Light that cleverly combines a solar powered lantern held by an undead rising corpse. It rises 17 inches above the ground and requires no extension cord or batteries because it’s solar powered. Leave it out during the day and it will charge itself up to work at night. We own one of these and LOVE it. (Keep an eye peeled and you’ll …

I know these pictures are quickly making the rounds through the Interweb, but they’re too awesome not to mention. In preparation for the Zompocalypse, a few crafty individuals have created their own (cool-looking but non-functional) Zombie Preparedness kits. The original seems to have come via Gizmodo, and might have been a promo item for the slaughtering-zombies-in-a-mall 360 game, Dead Rising (although one person claims it originated in the SomethingAwful forums). They consist of a shadowbox containing a gun, bullets, and some clever stencilling and/or Photoshop magic. They’re probably not a particularly time-consuming or difficult project, but would definitely set the mood and start some interesting conversation where ever they are placed! If you create your own Zombie Preparedness kit (for Halloween decor or as a precautionary measure), we’d love to see your take on the idea. Your options …

DIY Clay Skull Tutorial: Easily and inexpensively create a skull from clay and put it on display for Halloween. Excellent unique Halloween decor and perfect project for all those Halloween crafters out there.

Looking for a more creative way to pass out candy? You’ve found it! This creepy cardboard zombie display makes trick-or-treaters reach inside the rotting zombie’s guts to get their free treat. I love this idea better than when people leave a big bowl of candy out on their porch because they aren’t home: it’s way creepier. Check out the look on that kids face. That warms my heart the way looking at babies does for most people. The Zombie Candy Grabber is available from ShinDigz and stands 5’1″ tall. Don’t just use it once a year, remember to bring it out for parties year round.

An alternative use that can add some zombies into your everyday life is to set this by the front door and use it to store your keys or cell phone in. …

Nightmare Snatcher Journal for your child’s bad dreams

Halloween stores carry some great products, but you just can’t beat Halloween decor ideas that you’ve whipped up yourself.
Learn to create some unique homemade Halloween decor ideas with our craft tutorials. Various projects for a range of decor styles and ages. If you’ve got a great idea for a project let us know and we’ll feature it on the site!