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Haunted house season is officially upon us. September 29th marks the opening of many haunted attractions nationwide, which is kind of like marking off the first day of an advent calendar. Last week some of the major retailers were still scrambling to finish their Halloween displays, but now haunted houses are everywhere and there’s only one day left in September. It’s getting so very close…

If you’re planning on visiting a local haunted attraction or event, we want to hear about your trip! Bring your digital camera and write about your experience. Were the monsters top-notch? How long was the wait in line? Did you see any innovative props or especially creepy scenes? Was it worth the drive, the time, and the money? Let others know by submitting your story to 365 Halloween. If you would like to suggest …

Thinking about going to a certain Halloween event, but would like to know more than their site tells/shows you? Check to see if there is a trip report about it here. We take pictures, and make detailed reports on local events to post here.

Have you gone to a near by Halloween event and taken pictures? We’d like to see them, along with a detailed trip report so everyone can know all about it before they go. Get your Halloween event featured on 365Halloween.com, by getting in touch.
Scream Zone Spooky House

365 Halloween takes a visit to Spooky House in Woodland Hills, CA and reports back on all the spooky fun.