Easy Halloween Treat Tubes Tutorial

Here’s a green Halloween craft project that’s simple, creative, and kid friendly. “Treat tubes” make a fun and DIY alternative to store bought treat sacks and can be used at Halloween parties or given to trick-or-treaters. They’re just big enough to fit things like fruit strips, candies, little toys, and mini Fair Trade chocolates. Plus, it’s a great way to use up all those TP tubes!
Easy Halloween Craft made from toilet paper tubes
Just start with an empty toilet paper tube, fill it with small treats, wrap it in paper, twist and tie up the ends with ribbon, and add any sort of decoration you want to the outside. You probably already have all of the supplies needed such as glue, scissors, and of course toilet paper tubes. For embellishments you can buy store bought decor such as scrapbooking supplies, or go totally DIY and use items from around your house. Halloween is really about creativity so just take these treat tubes in whatever creative direction you’re feeling. If you like the way ours turned out, look below to see a list of the supplies and techniques we used.

Easy Halloween Treat Tubes Tutorial
  • A: Recycled paper or newspaper (make sure the ink won’t get all over your fingers. Paper printed with soy based ink is best for this.)
  • B: Halloween Stampers. These are less than $1 at craft stores, Target, etc. around Halloween season. Use for making name tags or adding detail to the recycled paper wrappers.
  • C: Halloween themed stickers and good old markers or crayons.
  • D: Burned edges. Briefly run a lighter around the edge of a piece of paper to instantly give it an old, creepy look. (Kids, get an adult to do this step!)
  • E: Cut out images from magazines, old books, or printed from your computer.
  • F: Felt makes an interesting alternative to paper for wrapping up the tubes.