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Welcome ladies and gentleman to Dr. Snake Oil’s Internationally Acclaimed Traveling Exhibition of Medicinal Wonderment! Here you will find the most amazing tutorial, designed especially to show how you too can create a traveling Medicine Show costume! We’re reviving the classic Snake Oil Salesman that used to travel the country selling a magic elixirs along with a host of fantastic circus and sideshow acts.

It’s an easy one (like most of our tutorials) because we know you don’t have gobs of time or money to spend on a Halloween costume. So step right up and take a taste of Dr. Snake Oil’s magic elixir…

Why wait until dinner to enjoy a plate of toasty Mummy Dogs? Holly at Unfurled had the great idea to make a simple breakfast version using Nutella and bread mix. As a big fan of food with other food inside it, this gives me all sorts of related ideas like wrapping up breakfast scramble or veggie sausages in the same way. Seriously, what doesn’t taste better wrapped up in a mummy pocket?

On an unrelated note, we just upgraded a lot of stuff on the backend of the site, so if you see any errors, please let us know. New features and content will be up very soon!

The summer may have just started a few days ago, but we’ve always got Halloween on the brain. Judging by some of the comments that you have left recently, we’re not the only ones. Robin and G.Tischer got bit by the Halloween bug this June, while Ivey has been pining away since February.

Don’t worry Halloweenies, we’ve got just the solution. Why wait for October when you can have a mini Halloween any day of the year?

I bet you thought we forgot about you, eh? Or maybe that we died from a fun avalanche on Halloween night? Nay, we have been recovering from one of the most awesome Halloweens in recent history:

Like good little Halloweenies we’ve been reminiscing over and sharing our photos, eating up the last of our treats, and… planning for next year! At most stores you’ll find Halloween items discounted like crazy, which is a great way to drive away the post-Halloween blues. (If you haven’t scooped up a 3′ skull-covered, faux stone funeral vase for $9.99, I would highly recommend it.) If you’re the list-making type like us, you probably found more than a couple ideas that you didn’t …

Wahoo! We did it, Halloweenies! The wait is over and we made it to Halloween 2007. However you celebrate this magical day- in costume, watching scary movies, eating candy, scaring the kids, partying til’ dawn- have fun and stay safe! Remember to take millions of pictures and come back tomorrow to share your stories and photos. On Thursday the calendar will say November, but it’s always October 31st at 365Halloween.com!

Before you head out, send some Halloween love to your favorite boils and ghouls via ShaktiWeb, Care2 or Hipster Cards. (Hey, you could even send one to us. We love mail!) And if you see anyone looking a little down today, wish them a happy Halloween, too!

After a successful unveiling of these delicious mini open face sandwiches at this years Halloween party, we knew we had to quickly post them on the site. We called them Fried Yam Bat Sandwiches, but the party goers just called them delicious. So bust out your mini cookie cutters and add this guest-pleasing recipe to your Halloween party menu.