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Finally, Halloween Season is upon us! Fall is slowly creeping up, bringing down the temperatures and turning our thoughts to all things spooky and imaginative. Huzzah!

It’s been silent as the grave around here, hasn’t it? Never fear: there are some wonderful new changes in the wings that will mean lots more updates on 365 Halloween. Until then, now would be a great time to submit your clever Halloween ideas for inclusion on the site. Inspire other Halloweenies and show off your spooky skills by sending in your photos & tutorials.

So how are you getting into the Halloween spirit?Have you chosen your costume yet?
Leave a comment and let us know!

Learn how to magically transform a standard pile of fresh veggies into a puking pumpkin, a spooky skeleton, or any “gross” thing you can dream up. Perfect if you’re hosting a Halloween party or attending a potluck and want to make sure there are some healthy Halloween snacks available.

Don’t Decaying Mummy Eyeballs sound delicious? Here’s an easy Halloween treat that puts a new twist on rice krispie balls with peanut butter and some gross presentation. Nom nom!

If you need more spooky snacks for a Halloween party or just for some spirited October munching, be sure to check out all of our Halloween recipes.

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Not feeling very colorful this season? Like the sleek contrast of black on white? We’ve put together a list of some unique and vintage inspired costume ideas to make this Halloween a blast from the past.

Check out all the photos and desaturated fun on the Black and White Costumes page…

And a big thanks to everyone who entered our contest to win a free costume. Congrats again to Alyssa, Brandy, and Melissa Z. who won their choice of costume from Halloween Party Store.

We’ve got lots of contests lined up for you so be sure to bookmark 365 Halloween and subscribe to the RSS feed.

There’s a new craft project posted in the Extras section that shows you how to transform toilet paper rolls into snazzy containers for candies and other little surprises. Treat Tubes are easy to put together and are definitely more impressive than those little treat sacks you buy at party stores. If you’re planning for a Halloween party or want something creative to give out on Halloween night, start saving up your toilet paper rolls and get to craftin’.

It’s finally here: our list of the hottest costumes for this Halloween season! We’re always one of the last Halloween websites to publish our Top Costumes list because we factor in a few more details that take time. You’ve probably noticed on a lot of these lists that the choices can seem pretty random. I mean Bacon and Eggs as the “hottest couple costume”? Poodle Skirt Girl as the most popular women’s costume? What the heck?

It’s been our experience that many of these lists are full of the worst sellers from last year and retailers are hoping to get that old stock sold quickly by labeling it a “top costume”. Other lists go just for the obvious choices like characters from blockbuster movies. Neither are very helpful when you’re looking for a great costume idea or are …