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Ginger Cookies with Spicy Pumpkin Cream Filling: An intense flavor combination and a Martha Stewart-y presentation.

A delicious but healthy Halloween appetizer made with a variety of colors and textures. Make a lot, because these are a party-tested favorite and will quickly disappear.

There are many traditions that we begin on October 1st, and decorating our computers is one of the easier ones. A quick online search and you can convert your desktop and chat program into a spooky experience that evokes Halloween spirit all month long. After Sean created us some amazing banners, I was feeling inspired and decided to make a few buddy icons for 365 Halloween readers. The larger sized ones are compatible with Yahoo Instant Messenger and MSN Instant Messenger, while the smaller ones are geared towards AIM and Trillian users. Of course, you’re free to use them as a message board avatar, on your MySpace, on your website, etc. Just be sure to right-click and “Save As” rather than trying to hotlink, and do not redistribute. …

Halloween Craft Idea: Create spooky Halloween shapes from craft foam, like these bats or a crow for this Halloween. Great inexpensive craft idea!