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As Halloween approaches the deals get even better, but beware, because costumes do sell out! Here are some of the latest deals;

Fright Catalog Monster Costume Clearance – Get up to 60% off select costumes. Also remember to use code SPOOKY07 to get 10% off orders $90+

BuyCostumes – Get 99 cent shipping (on orders $60+) plus guaranteed Halloween delivery. See their shipping chart to make sure you order in time for Halloween.

Costume Craze – Use coupon code LNTEN to get 10% off

Be sure to see our previous post about Halloween discounts and Halloween store coupons. Some of those devilish deals are still in effect. Better yet, subscribe to our Halloween Sales RSS Feed and be the first to know. If you know of any other Halloween sales, …

Hey Halloween discount seekers, I have a few sales and coupons for you;

Buy Costumes Blowout- Use coupon code clear25 to get 25% off all clearance costumes. They’re already marked way down so if you’re looking for the absolute cheapest costume, this sale is for you. Expires October 15, 2007

Costume Craze- Use coupon code GET5 to get 5% off all orders. Expires October 31, 2007

Illuminations- All Halloween items are 25% off (no coupon needed), shipping is free on orders over $75, plus get 15% off your order total with this link (again, no coupon needed).

One Step Ahead & Leaps and Bounds- On either site you can use coupon code HAUNT10 to get $10 off orders $75+ that include one or more costumes. Expires October 21, 2007

The Big Horror DVD Sale- …

The bummer about kids Halloween costumes is that they’re pretty much a one-time use item. Kids grow so dang fast, and unless you’ve got younger kids to pass down those costumes to, they’re useless to your family after the season. Thankfully, you can help out other families in need and give new life to a used costume at the same time. Preschool Rock has set up a Halloween Costume Exchange that allows you to donate your kids used costumes and get a 20% discount off a new costume for this year. Pretty sweet deal.

How Does the Halloween Costume Exchange Work?

Parents seeking free Halloween costumes:

Look through the listings of free Halloween costumes.

When a desirable Halloween costume is found, the parent contacts the Halloween costume donator via email to arrange for shipment.

Parent receives Halloween costume in the mail just in time for Halloween!

Parents wanting …

Did you know that Monday and Tuesday are the biggest days of the week for online costume sales? Maybe it has to do with post-weekend day dreaming… “I was just thinking about what to be for Halloween over the weekend. Damn Mondays. How about I put this TPS report away and look at costumes online”.

If you’re feeling that post-weekend Halloween itch then be sure to grab one of these coupon codes first. These are all good for the entire season so there’s no rush. Check back for the really good limited-time sales which will probably start showing up in early October. If you know of any Halloween-related sales or coupons (either online or at a retail store) please share them in the comments.

UPDATE: Here’s a new time-sensitive offer from Buy Costumes: Get 10% off your order with code HAUNT10. You can …

It’s March 1st, kids: only 8 months left! 2007 has unofficially been dubbed “The Year of the Zombie”, with numerous movies slated for release, which is in turn inspiring all sorts of creepy, crawly products. Naturally, we’ve been brainstorming ideas daily for this year’s Halloween decor theme and I wanted to share some of our newest online finds with y’all.

First up are some magnet sets from Sick on Sin. You have to love a store that knows Every Day is Halloween! If you dig their illustration style you might also enjoy the Zombie Love set of buttons.

In an effort to line the walls in everything zombie we’ve stumbled upon Atomic Monkey Design and their zombie posters*. My favorite, …

Well boils and ghouls, you made it through the holidays. It’s the beginning of the year, and a whopping 9.5 months until Halloween. It might seem like you’ve got plenty of time to prepare, but there are actually 2 time-sensitive online offerings that you need to check out before January 15th.

First, Fright Catalog is offering 20% off your total order, using coupon code FC20. It’s the off season, and a lot of products are not currently in stock, but now is still a good time to stock up. We just purchased the Solar Corpse Light, which we were enamoured with last Halloween, and are anxiously awaiting its arrival. Like you’ll be reading in an upcoming article, its never too early to start planning for next Halloween, and sales like this are excellent places to start.

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