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As Halloween approaches the deals get even better, but beware, because costumes do sell out! Here are some of the latest deals;

Fright Catalog Monster Costume Clearance – Get up to 60% off select costumes. Also remember to use code SPOOKY07 to get 10% off orders $90+

BuyCostumes – Get 99 cent shipping (on orders $60+) plus guaranteed Halloween delivery. See their shipping chart to make sure you order in time for Halloween.

Costume Craze – Use coupon code LNTEN to get 10% off

Be sure to see our previous post about Halloween discounts and Halloween store coupons. Some of those devilish deals are still in effect. Better yet, subscribe to our Halloween Sales RSS Feed and be the first to know. If you know of any other Halloween sales, …

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Nothing proves that point better than this video of a home haunter scaring trick-or-treaters with a stilt-wearing Predator costume. If you’re looking for something to freak out your Halloween visitors, few things garner the explosive response that “spring stilts” do. Their construction gives the wearer a surreal, monstrous walk that can transform any good costume into a terrifyingly great one. Imagine a scary costume idea- evil clown, Predator, bloody corpse, werewolf, nameless creature- whatever freaks you out. Now imagine it towering 3 feet above your head. Your costume just went from unsettling to scream-worthy with the addition of one item.

The only real catch is the price. Homemade stilts are dirt cheap and will still give you a great affect, but the “jumping stilts” (aka: …

Things have been deader around here than a horde of zombies, and that’s no coincidence. Inbetween Black Friday/Buy Nothing Day and Christmas Eve, the undead frequently converge at malls and Zombie Walks to shop or make a statement about shopping, respectively. Even us Halloweenies tend to get sucked into the whirlwind that America’s largest holiday and biggest shopping season create. But the winter holidays are almost over and we at 365 Halloween are back, and wading through the Christmas corpses just for you…

While filled with erroneous information that is sure to get your brain gobbled, the Top Ten Gift Ideas for Zombies is still a funny read with a little Romero style social commentary thrown in for good measure.

The Zombie Claus invasion happened last year in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but the pictures …

Zombie Costume How-To: Create an easy zombie costume from an old suit, some fake blood and makeup, or get creative with any outfit and a well planned story.

Learn to make an award winning Mummy Costume easily and for cheap. These simple instructions and tips have won numerous costume contests.

Homemade Frankenstein Costume Tutorial: how to make a Frankenstein costume from scratch and for cheap. How-to on: clothes, makeup, hair, neck bolts, and of course attitude.