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Hey remember me, 365 Halloween? During the off season it can get pretty dead around here. Hey, even the biggest Halloween fans tend to get wrapped up in other endeavors during the beginning of the year. One way to jumpstart your interest for Halloween 2008 is the HorrorFind Horror Weekend from March 28-30th. Your ticket will get your entry to all their spooky, Halloween, and horror themed events;

Haunt & Halloween seminars
Costume contest
Horror movie screenings
Haunted House
Celebrity Q&A/Commentary
Spooky Art Show
Merchant Area
and lots

“She is cold, she is beautiful, she is evil… she is Miss Horrorfest. Do you have what it takes to be the Queen of Horror?” taunts the lush lips in the YouTube video. Horrorfest is a weekend of 8 films taking place November 17-19, 2006. It’s put on by After Dark Films, and they’re looking for a new Queen of Scream. The Grand Prize winner will receive $50,000 and reign as Miss Horror Fest for 1 year. If you ever wished you could be Elvira or Vampira, this is the perfect contest for you. It’s judged on physical presentation, best costume, scariest appearance, and personality, with each criteria being worth 1/4 of the score. You can either upload a video to their YouTube page (where voting also occurs), or participate in one of the 5 live auditions.

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