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eHow just launched their first Spooktacular Spark Contest. Each month, more than 100 million people visit eHow to gather information and ideas. They recently launched eHow Spark, a community for doers: a place where you can show off your projects, offer expertise, and gain exposure for your blog, books, and services.
How to Enter:

1. Create your Halloween project on eHow Spark and title it “Spooktacular Spark Contest: (name of project).” It can be a craft, costume, treat, or decoration. The only limitation is your imagination.

2. Upload photos of your Halloween project to show your progress and final product. We recommend using at least three images in the “Do it” stage and at least one photo for the “Done” phase. You can also build projects by recliping …

reclaiming innovation and scoring the coolest (Haunted) Weekend Getaway ever!

CLASSIC: Enduring excellence, timeless. A classic becomes a part of the fabric of our lives.

Some “classics” are born in a moment of inspiration; others mix collaboration and a vision. Either way, “classic” is an elusive standard these days. Does anyone even strive for “classic” anymore? Does anyone even know how? This isn’t merely a “contest” or “challenge”; it’s a search to reclaim the spirit of innovation that has gone into hiding. “Good enough” is not good enough any longer. It’s time to start thinking “classic” caliber once again and…well…why not start in the kitchen?

Somebody’s Mother’s Chocolate Sauce is betting on the creativity and ingenuity of the American people. Just as Ruth Wakefield created the Toll House Cookie, Somebody’s Mother’s is sure that others (whether culinary novices, or bona fide pros) …

Ever wonder what goes into building the spectacularly spookiest costumes each Halloween? While it may take you days to compile your own (or your kids’ costumes), a new contest from Windows Live Movie Maker and Instructables.com asks trick-or-treaters to show off their movie-making in a matter of minutes. Simply create a 30-second movie (using photos and videos) to showcase the process of building their Halloween costume for the opportunity to win a new iCore 5 Gateway laptop with Windows 7 and Windows Live Essentials. To enter users can register an Instructables.com account and download Windows Live Essentials 2011. Contestants must submit their entries by Sunday, November 7. Winner is selected based on the use of Movie Maker and creativity in costume.

One winner will receive the Ultimate Windows Live Movie Maker Package:

* Brand new iCore 5 Gateway laptop …