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5 Halloween Urban Myths (That Just Aren’t True)
Fear – that’s what Halloween is all about. Ghosts and ghouls. Zombies and vampires. Poisoned candy. Hang on a minute – when did that become your worst trick-or-treating nightmare? Trick-or-treating is supposed to be fun, with a little bit of monster-under-the-bed type scary thrown in. It’s supposed to be a time when nothing in this world (or the next) can stop your child from getting as much sugar in them as inhumanly possible. When did you turn into the paranoid parent who screens your kid’s candy hoard like a TSA agent screens passengers on a flight to New York?

Before you start donning latex gloves to pat-down gummy bears, you might wonder what fuels your fear. Was it that email you got the other week about Al Qaeda’s plot to poison the nation’s candy reserves? Or how about that story you heard from your …