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Halloween Cupcake liners and cupcake stand

Hosting a spooky Halloween party this year? Or just want to redecorate the living room for a while? Try these inexpensive and easy to apply covers and wall clings over your everyday furniture to spook the place up. This Torture Coffin Sofa Cover is made of cotton and polyester blend and not only freaks people out, but makes it easy to clean up all the crumbs your ghostly guests leave behind. Personally, I’d drape this over my sofa at least once a month just to get a new look on things.

Let your costumed guests know that the fun starts at the door with this Haunted Halloween Door Cover. Send chills down their spines as they reach to open the door labeled Do Not Enter with blood …

In honor of our newest costume page (Zombie Costumes) I’d like to remind all you Halloween party hosts, when filling up your snack table, not to forget about those who eat different than most party goers. Just keep in mind the vegans, zombies, vegan zombies (they eat grains, cumin beans, and Hufu) and others. So lay out a tray with oozy mummy dogs, and another with fresh brains and everyone will be happy.

I’m envisioning a snack table covered in spooky treats on decorative trays and some of these zombie snacks randomly dispersed among the human food. A brain as the center piece, a severed hand next to the spicy bean dip, a left foot by the pizza, a …