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— Halloween Hung & Skinned Sweepstakes – This one is rare/special opportunity – but also gruesome/gory. FEARnet is giving people an opportunity to win a realistic life-size corpse to have delivered in time for Halloween setups and decoration. You can read more about it here and to see some images. The unique prop is estimated at $1700 and was designed by Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps. People can enter on the site through October 22nd.

— FEARnet’s Halloween Shriekstakes –FEARnet kicked off its favorite month with this year’s biggest sweepstakes. The prize pack honors several of October’s exciting happenings including the launch of AMC’s “Walking Dead” on Halloween, and the upcoming release of “Saw 3D” on October 29th with themed giveaways. The gift pack that promises to make FEARnet fans shriek includes:

§ Playstation 3 Console

§ …