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Elite Hunting is open for business this September!

Eli Roth’s Hostel: Hunting Season, was just announced as Universal Studios Hollywood’s newest maze at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. This is the horror auteur and star’s first effort at transforming his screen work into a live theme park experience.

The maze will mirror the film’s dehumanizing torture chambers and send guests on a spiraling journey through the corrupt halls of Elite Hunting’s torture factory. Through the re-imagining of the film, Roth will bring Hostel to life and give both fans of his film and horror fans a scare they could never have imagined. “People will have a chance to experience some exact moments from their favorite Hostel scenes, along with some new surprises,” the multi-talented director said.

Universal Studios Hollywood Presents “Eli Roth’s Hostel: Hunting Season,”
A Terrifying New Horror Maze at “Halloween Horror Nights”

Universal City, CA — Eli Roth, the multi-talented …