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Looking for a more creative way to pass out candy? You’ve found it! This creepy cardboard zombie display makes trick-or-treaters reach inside the rotting zombie’s guts to get their free treat. I love this idea better than when people leave a big bowl of candy out on their porch because they aren’t home: it’s way creepier. Check out the look on that kids face. That warms my heart the way looking at babies does for most people. The Zombie Candy Grabber is available from ShinDigz and stands 5’1″ tall. Don’t just use it once a year, remember to bring it out for parties year round.

An alternative use that can add some zombies into your everyday life is to set this by the front door and use it to store your keys or cell phone in. …

Nightmare Snatcher Journal for your child’s bad dreams

Thinking about going to a certain Halloween event, but would like to know more than their site tells/shows you? Check to see if there is a trip report about it here. We take pictures, and make detailed reports on local events to post here.

Have you gone to a near by Halloween event and taken pictures? We’d like to see them, along with a detailed trip report so everyone can know all about it before they go. Get your Halloween event featured on 365Halloween.com, by getting in touch.
Scream Zone Spooky House

In honor of our newest costume page (Zombie Costumes) I’d like to remind all you Halloween party hosts, when filling up your snack table, not to forget about those who eat different than most party goers. Just keep in mind the vegans, zombies, vegan zombies (they eat grains, cumin beans, and Hufu) and others. So lay out a tray with oozy mummy dogs, and another with fresh brains and everyone will be happy.

I’m envisioning a snack table covered in spooky treats on decorative trays and some of these zombie snacks randomly dispersed among the human food. A brain as the center piece, a severed hand next to the spicy bean dip, a left foot by the pizza, a …

If given a single piece of string and told to create art, the average person would probably tie some bows, do a spinoff of cat’s cradle, or maybe give up and wind it into a ball. Three architecture students aimed higher and came up with 4 very unique, handmade, little spooky dolls. I’m always drawn to toys or dolls with a creepy, gothic, living dead feel, and I love the simple, raw style of these little guys. They are decorated with satin, felt and bead accents, and are actually made from 1 continuous piece of string. They also have ball chains on top so they can be attached anywhere you want a teeny monster companion. Choose from the green Frankenstein monster, ghost pirate, black zombie, or red devil with pitchfork. Or get them all and form your …

If you’ve ever been searching for costumes online you’ve most likely come across BuyCostumes before. Being big fans of zombies in general I went searching for some new releases from BuyCostumes. I was pleasantly surprised to find more zombie costumes new for 2006.

Hospitals are a likely place for a zombie outbreak to begin so it is fitting I start with a Zombie Doctor costume. This particular one looks like a good all inclusive costume. With full doctor outfit and rotting parts showing through in the right places, this costume will make dressing up easy this Halloween.

After further searching I was surprised to find a mask for FlyBoy, from the original Dawn of the Dead, one our favorite zombies ever. The product page says it is an official …