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Max’s Top 5 Organic Candy Picks for Halloween

Halloween is no longer all about feeding kids junk food that is bad for their teeth and keeps them up all night. Parents now have much healthier options. These are Halloween treats that not only taste good but are made from the highest quality ingredients.

Max Goldberg runs an organic food blog called livingmaxwell.com. His blog focuses on his passion for organic food as a means to educate people about the organic experience and to inspire others to make positive lifestyle changes. Readers follow Max from his self-destructive and tumultuous journey to his emergence as a health and organic advocate.

His blog can be followed at www.livingmaxwell.com and on twitter at www.twitter.com/livingmaxwell.

Below are Max’s Top 5 choices for organic Halloween treats on the market this year.

Angell Organic Candy Bar Co-Founder …