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Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood is only a few days away! This year, the spooktacular event has more mazes than ever – created by the sickest minds in horror.

Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare – This outrageous new maze will take guests through the twisted mind of shock rock legend, Alice Cooper. From razor-sharp guillotines to electric chairs where you can still smell the burning flesh of its victims, this new addition to Halloween Horror Nights is sure to shock you!

Below are renderings used in the development of this maze entitled SICK THINGS and FEARMASTER ALICE.

“Halloween Horror Nights” will take place on select nights beginning September 23 and continue on September 24, 30; October 1,7, 8,9, 14, 15, 16, 20, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31.

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La Llorona, the fearful story of melancholy and murder that has terrified Mexican and Latin American children for generations, is coming to life at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood with its new terror-filled maze La Llorona: Villa De Almas Perdidas, with the help of Mexican-based film star Diego Luna serving as a creative consultant!

The new maze will tell the haunting story of “La Llorona,” doomed to wander the earth forever after drowning her children in a desperate attempt to win a lost love. She then drowns herself when this attempt to win her lost love fails. According to the legend, La Llorona’s dreadful, wailing cries—“My children! Where are my children?”—can be heard eternally piercing the night. La Llorona’s frail, drenched body lurking throughout the dead of night will invariably elicit unwavering dread from the helpless village inhabitants or maze guests as her presence …

The Thing paranoia is spreading to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights this year in an all-new horror maze inspired by Universal Pictures’ upcoming thriller THE THING, in theaters October 14th!

Guests at both Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood will experience the fear of the film in an abandoned scientific research facility in the midst of a vast and frozen Antarctica. The shape-shifting alien creature will come face-to-face with guests as they weave through the film’s Antarctic Thule station, which features elaborately designed and disturbingly real alien creatures and sets.

Halloween Horror Nights begins on September 23rd and continues on select nights through October 31st.


Guests Will Experience the Fear of the Film at Both Universal Studios Florida and

Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights Events Before “The Thing” …

Sink your teeth into the first Halloween Horror Nights news for 2011… Universal Studios Hollywood announced today its annual “Halloween Horror Nights” short film competition! Contest entries will be accepted from June 27th through August 1st and will be judged by a panel of industry insiders, including horror film auteur Eli Roth, Daily Variety senior writer Marc Graser and “Halloween Horror Nights” Creative Director John Murdy.

The winning film will be awarded a premiere showing on Chiller, a posting on Syfy.com, a cash prize of $1,000, and a trip for two to “Halloween Horror Nights’” opening night “Eyegore Awards” at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Universal Studios Hollywood Dares Filmmakers to Submit
Their Most Twisted Horror Short Films As Part of Annual
“Halloween Horror Nights” Short Film Competition

Universal City, Ca -–Universal Studios Hollywood invites aspiring filmmakers to compete in its annual “Halloween Horror Nights” short film …