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Welcome to October! Less than 30 days to get all your Halloween plans together, including choosing a killer costume. If you’re still unsure what to dress up as, I’ve got a roundup of links that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Not sure where to start? The best tip I know of is to choose a Halloween costume that you’re genuinely interested in becoming. If you spend your days dreaming about how badass ninjas are, then be a ninja! If you really like a character from a movie or comic, become him or her for Halloween. For all you mavericks out there who want to do something truly original, dream up your own character. Feel free to borrow from any themes that appeal to you, whether they will “make sense” to other people or not. Grab a wig, a loud jacket, some face …

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Nothing proves that point better than this video of a home haunter scaring trick-or-treaters with a stilt-wearing Predator costume. If you’re looking for something to freak out your Halloween visitors, few things garner the explosive response that “spring stilts” do. Their construction gives the wearer a surreal, monstrous walk that can transform any good costume into a terrifyingly great one. Imagine a scary costume idea- evil clown, Predator, bloody corpse, werewolf, nameless creature- whatever freaks you out. Now imagine it towering 3 feet above your head. Your costume just went from unsettling to scream-worthy with the addition of one item.

The only real catch is the price. Homemade stilts are dirt cheap and will still give you a great affect, but the “jumping stilts” (aka: …

When making costumes, there are usually many versions you can create, varying from easy and cheap to labor-intensive and bank-breaking. For costume armor, the most authentic replicas are made with plastic, fiberglass, sheet metal: all requiring a bit of skill and special supplies as well as being a little dangerous. Kudos to anyone who takes on that challenge, but for the rest of us there’s Armor For the Fiberglass-Phobic. The unlikely material of Craft Foam (available at Joann or any craft store) gets transformed into good looking, movable armor and accessories, and just about anyone can do it. For an even more detailed explanation of the process, check out Using EVA Foam for Costume Accessories, Hats & Headpieces. Want an even easier foam costume? A 2D costume looks awesome and can be …

Recreate some of your favorite 80’s movie costumes like Bill & Ted, Teen Wolf, Ghostbusters, Ferris Bueller, Ninja Turtles and more.
Many of them are super easy costume ideas that you can make with a simple trip to the thrift store. Too busy for homemade? There’s also a selection of readymade costumes and some really awesome costume shirts!

Costumes with “crazy” in their name are perfect for Halloween. The outfit is often an eye-catching hodgepodge of items, and you have a perfect excuse to act ig’nant all night long. The Crazy Cat Lady is no exception. The outfit is totally open to interpretation so you can wear any wonky old clothing of your choosing. Layers, anything extremely retro, brightly colored, mismatched, or a bit tattered and/or stained is perfect. Accessories like big hats, big purses (for toting more cats), long scarves, garish and smeared makeup, and hair curlers will show everyone that you are indeed more concerned with herding all your pretty kitties than with looking in a mirror or knowing what month it is. Because of the anything-goes nature of this outfit, it’s fast and easy to create, and makes a creative last minute costume idea….

Robots make a cheap and easy costume idea for kids and adults. They can range from a plain old cardboard box with holes cut for your head and arms, all the way up to a giant deluxe robot costume. They also make a very eco-friendly costume because materials can be completely salvaged from your recycle bin: CDs, oatmeal or laundry detergent containers, styrofoam packing pieces, bits of old wire, used aluminum foil… you get the idea!
Get inspired by the amazing homemade costumes featured here.