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3 easy pumpkin recipes for Halloween or year round. Vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Oh, the many delicious facets of Halloween. While adults may spend days deciding how to spend their Halloween night (costume party? haunt? trick or treat chaperone?), most kids can immediately tell you what their plans entail: collecting and devouring as much candy as humanly possible.

We at 365 Halloween fall into a small minority when it comes to our candy policy; we don’t give any out. Yes, we’re the hippie neighbors that many kids scowl at while watching fruit strips, boxes of raisins, and stickers plop into their candy sacks. But one peek into those bulging bags of sugar and we know they won’t miss one mini Snickers bar. On average, most Americans consume 142 pounds of sugar per year, and given the scientific data on sugar consumption and the symptoms everyone can feel for themselves, we’d rather focus …

Spicy Bruised Bugs is a delicious and healthy Halloween recipe full of colorful veggies and wild spices!

Simple Spooky Slaw is a colorful, delicious and healthy Halloween recipe that kids and adults will love. Vegan and vegetarian friendly.

A delicious and simple Halloween recipe for Mummy Dogs with Green Goo. This vegan/vegetarian friendly Halloween recipe is sure to please at your next Halloween party.