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Happy Leap Year, Halloweenies! Here’s a delicious Halloween cookie recipe that we’ve been saving since last year’s Halloween party. Put this extra day to good use and get to baking!

A delicious but healthy Halloween appetizer made with a variety of colors and textures. Make a lot, because these are a party-tested favorite and will quickly disappear.

The most popular focus of Halloween definitely seems to be the spooky factor, and yet sugar finds its way into everything! We’ve got some great tips to help you create some spooky AND healthy Halloween snacks. Whether you’re baking and want to try some sugar and white wheat alternatives or are making a totally raw vegan banquet, we’ve got everybody’s sweet tooth covered!

Faux Stuffed Intestines: Learn to make a spooky Halloween recipe everyone will love. Think of it as a healthy pot-pie type dish for hungry zombies.

Zombie Cookies Recipe: With a little slicing and icing, simple gingerbread cookies morph into creepy yet delicious corpses for you to feast upon.

Wasabi Eyeballs are a delicious and easy Halloween recipe that’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians.