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Ghoul-icious Halloween Games For Grown Ups

Looking to add some fun to your Halloween party? Try one of these Hallow’s Eve games that are made especially for grown ups . . . who aren’t that too grown up!

Spin the Stake

A nod to the cult classic of Twilight, this game begins by creating cards that will reveal your identity in the game. All the cards will read MORTAL, except for one. That card will read VAMPIRE.

Take turns spinning the stake. Whoever lands on the vampire kisses them and becomes the new undead. The last person standing wins. If you have been the vampire . . . you CANNOT win. You must be the only one to escape the kiss of death!

*Bite-worthy hint: Playing this game with romantically committed people could result in REAL cases of the undead – so if dating or married couples are involved, …