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Scary Couple

Ghoul-icious Halloween Games For Grown Ups

Looking to add some fun to your Halloween party? Try one of these Hallow’s Eve games that are made especially for grown ups . . . who aren’t that too grown up!

Spin the Stake

A nod to the cult classic of Twilight, this game begins by creating cards that will reveal your identity in the game. All the cards will read MORTAL, except for one. That card will read VAMPIRE.

Take turns spinning the stake. Whoever lands on the vampire kisses them and becomes the new undead. The last person standing wins. If you have been the vampire . . . you CANNOT win. You must be the only one to escape the kiss of death!

*Bite-worthy hint: Playing this game with romantically committed people could result in REAL cases of the undead – so if dating or married couples are involved, an alternative is to hand the new vampire to be “kissed” a Hershey’s Kiss chocolate instead.

Hide ‘n Go Die

Not for the faint of heart, this reverse hide and go seek game involves scary monsters and a monster hunter who is sent to seek out monsters waiting to scare the holy crap out of him.

Everyone dons a scary mask or costume of their choice. After this, choose whoever is “it” as the hunter. This person must close their eyes and wait for everyone to hide. Then, the hunter is (presumably) off to meet their fate like those dumb people in horror movies who run UP the stairs.

As the hunter draws near, monsters must jump out and scare them to the best of their ability. Everybody is allowed to move around. If the hunter catches and scares a monster instead by tapping him on the back, he must fall down and “die”. That monster is now “it” and the hunter at the start of the game is now a monster.

After that, any monster that “dies” is out of the game, so everybody but one takes turns being a monster. This process continues until all are “dead” but one. The last round has the hunter looking for the monster, and the monster looking for the hunter. Whoever scares first is the ultimate winner! Will the hunter slay the monster? Or will the monster win in the end?

Christmas in October

Gifts gone creepy, of course! This game is a simple gift swap with a twist. It’s a really easy concept but the fun is in the imagination it takes to make your assigned gift “work” to relate to the card you draw. A week or so before the Halloween party, print out these cards and assign a “theme” to each party goer. They then must bring a gift that is in line with the “theme” of their card. (The theme is of course open to interpretation which makes the game much more fun.) Here are some creative ideas:

  • Evil chicken
  • Dangerous people
  • Zombies from the zoo
  • Witchy woman
  • Ghostly garden
  • Haunted hair
  • Hag-wear
  • “Break in case of killer”
  • Psycho-possum
  • Revenge of the pumpkin
  • Vampire lovin’
  • Monster explosion
  • Poison time
  • Werewolf wax

Remember to bring a few extra items just in case someone forgets or can’t afford a gift. This way everyone gets in on the fun. When all the presents are wrapped, the game is played just like Dirty Santa – pick numbers, the first person picks a gift, the second person picks a gift or steals the first person’s, etc.

When it comes to Halloween fun, don’t get left out of the Monster Mash. Remember, you are only as old as you act. And it’s Halloween after all . . . so we vote for acting your shoe size.

Photo by mookielove/Flickr

Posted on October 17th, 2011 in
Halloween Entertainment, Halloween Fun, Site News by admin

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