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Happy Friday the 13th, Halloween fiends! This is indeed the final Friday the 13th before Halloween so – depending on your interpretation of the phenomenon – make the most of this lucky/unlucky day. In April of 2007 we explored the history and some of the affects that this spooky day has wrought over the years. Today we’ll see if anything truly notable has happened on a Friday the 13th… and watch for any mayhem that might occur today.

According to Wikipedia, there have been some pretty black events that support the idea that it’s an “unlucky” day: from fire to plane crashes to a hurricane, and even the death of Tupac. I scoured the Internet and couldn’t find more than that handful of “notable” unlucky events though.

Do you think that indicates a trend, that it really is an unlucky day? Or is …

It happened quietly, but 365 Halloween celebrated its first birthday this month. As with any labor of love, it’s almost hard to imagine a time when this site hasn’t been a part of our lives. When we’re not actively blogging or posting tutorials then we’re planning new website features, collaborating with other Halloweenies, tweaking code, or designing a new layout. All year long. It may sometimes look a little sleepy around here, but we’re always planning new and awesome things for our fellow Halloween lovers!

If you haven’t visited 365 Halloween in a while then you’ll notice our brand new look. Dig around a little more and you’ll see new features like;

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Next week we will also debut;

new …

If you’re from an English, German, Polish or Portuguese-speaking culture then you’re probably familiar with the Friday the 13th superstition. It usually rolls around a couple times a year and causes all sorts of “bad luck”. But how did thus “unlucky” day get such a bad reputation, and is there any truth to it?

There are many theories regarding the origin of Friday the 13th- from Norse legend to Biblical explanations- but none of them are substantiated. Based on historical events, Greece and Spain have chiefly observed Tuesday the 13th as their day of unavoidable misfortune. Even though science has attempted to prove that “luck cannot be predicted and is largely beyond our capacity to influence or control”, it is estimated that “$800 or $900 million is lost in business on [Friday the …