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Friday the 13thHappy Friday the 13th, Halloween fiends! This is indeed the final Friday the 13th before Halloween so – depending on your interpretation of the phenomenon – make the most of this lucky/unlucky day. In April of 2007 we explored the history and some of the affects that this spooky day has wrought over the years. Today we’ll see if anything truly notable has happened on a Friday the 13th… and watch for any mayhem that might occur today.

According to Wikipedia, there have been some pretty black events that support the idea that it’s an “unlucky” day: from fire to plane crashes to a hurricane, and even the death of Tupac. I scoured the Internet and couldn’t find more than that handful of “notable” unlucky events though.

Do you think that indicates a trend, that it really is an unlucky day? Or is it just coincidence? For my money, it’s just another day that will turn out as spooky or as awesome as I want it to be. (And maybe an excuse to see The Happening.) What do you think?

And congrats to our In Case of Zombies contest winners! There were so many good entries that we gave away more prizes than we originally announced. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Posted on June 13th, 2008 in
Odds and Ends by Lauren

4 Responses to 'Last Friday the 13th before Halloween'

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  1. Brandy said:

    I’m not superstitious, so it’s not unlucky for me. I was born on the 13th (January, on a Wednesday) so I’ve had my share of Friday the 13th celebrations. 13 was also my athletic number in high school. Everybody thought I was crazy, but hey, I ended up being the star player. Doesn’t seem unlucky to me!!

    365 Halloween Response: High five, that’s my birthday, too! Our perceived luck really seems to make a difference if you were both on the 13th. I expected to have fun on those days (party, cake, toys, etc.) so I’m not surprised that I have so many good memories that happen on the 13th – both Fridays and non Fridays. Does anybody else with a 13th birthday agree? -Lauren

    on June 17th, 2008

  2. G.Tischer said:

    What an awesome site. At least once a day I am searching through this site. I am one of those that can’t wait till Halloween!!!!! My Kids get into this and of course I am in the middle. Last year He got married on Halloween Day. Blood dripping cake held up with the skeleton bone set. Really cool. Anyways keep bring those great things to us all!

    365 Halloween Response: Great to have you here, G. You and your kids sound like true Halloweenies! We’d love to see some pictures of that spooky Halloween wedding; please feel free to send them in. In fact, we’ll be doing a section on Halloween themed weddings so anyone who tied the knot on October 31st or who had a spooky theme, please get in touch!

    on June 15th, 2008

  3. Rick said:

    Well I don’t know about unlucky. I got a fulltime job. So I gues it was lucky for me. Too bad about Tim Russert though 58 is awful young to go.

    I did celebrate by watching a couple Haunting episodes.

    on June 14th, 2008

  4. Cobwebs said:

    Well, Tim Russert kicked today, so I guess it was unlucky for *him*.

    Mostly I’m sure it’s the same kind of observation error that convinces people that more weird things happen during a full moon; you don’t pay any attention to the date if something bad happens on some other day, but if it happens on Friday the 13th you notice because it’s supposed to be unlucky. It sort of becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    on June 13th, 2008

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