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Has anyone ever told you that you look like someone famous? You know, “that guy from that show” or “the girl in the funny commercial”? Even if your face seems so unique that no one has claimed you have a celebrity doppleganger, chances are you resemble somebody famous. Even if it’s just slightly, this could be a good way to help you choose an interesting Halloween costume.

We tried using the free online service MyHeritage Face Recognition to see if we resembled any actors. Our idea being that if we did look similar to an actor it might be fun to make a costume based on a character they played. The database of “celebrities” at MyHertigate isn’t exhaustive by any means, but you will get a lot of different results based on each picture of yourself that you upload. As you can see with our model Alison, there was 1 common look alike (Alexis Bledel), but her 2 slightly different headshots produced 6 different look alikes.

Now we just need to pop onto IMDb and see if any of these supposed dopplegangers played roles that were;
1) of any interest to us, and
2) had costumes that were recognizable enough to reproduce.
Let’s see, Reese Witherspoon’s characters in Legally Blonde and Election were pretty recognizable, but that’s about it. Well, Catwoman too, but with a mask involved that pretty much negates the idea of being a “look alike”. We tried again using several pictures of ourselves and found a few more interesting and costume-worthy results, so it really depends on the photos being used.

Try it yourself and let us know if you get any good costume ideas!

Posted on June 23rd, 2007 in
Halloween Costumes, Halloween Websites by Lauren

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