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Crash at Roswell by Alex CF
Remember about a month back when we talked about making your own mad science lab? We mentioned artist Alex CF and his cryptozoological retrofuture art pieces. At the time, none of his amazing creations were available for sale, but he currently has a new piece on eBay! Check out the level of detail that was put into this strange artifact:

“Contained in this large unique display case are the preserved embyronic alien, and a piece of the wreckage from the craft. In the small draw space are other paraphanalia linked to this cover up – alien implants found on board the craft, their obvious goal was to be inserted into the bodies of abductees. a stack of papers regarding MAJIC 12, illustrations of the craft and the aliens themselves, the newspaper from the fated day, photographs of autopsies on the aliens, and much more.”

Talk about one of a kind. There are actually a few people creating knock-offs of Alex CF’s signature style of multimedia art assemblages, so please make sure to support the original artist if you’re looking to purchase.

As someone who has a rotting zombie head on my kitchen table year-round, I have some decidedly unique ideas about decorating and displaying art. What about you? If you won the Crash at Roswell research case, where would you put it? How would you display it? I’m really curious how you Halloweenies would feature it in your home or haunt (or office or nursery or…) so let me know your ideas in the comments section below.

Posted on April 16th, 2008 in
Spooky Art by Lauren
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