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With just 2 days left until Halloween there are spooky events everywhere! It may not be the weekend yet, but you could still spend the remaining days and nights going to haunts, pumpkin patches, and a vicious variety of Halloween events. Not sure what’s going on in your area? Here are some websites that will help you get your spook on no matter where you live.


Looking for some specific spooky fun?

Haunted Attractions range from amateur haunts in your neighbors front yard to huge haunted mazes created by the pros. Major cities usually have a handful of options, but smaller towns also have their share of events, too. Check out HauntedHouse.com for one in your neighborhood….

2007 was a terrifyingly good year for Knott’s Halloween Haunt. Here’s our review and pictures.

Use these easy-to-scan categories to find the scary movie you’re in the mood for. We’ve got everything from gore-fests, family friendly, zombies, vampires, TV shows and more.

If you’re a fan of the paranormal, you’re going to want to carve out about 7 hours tomorrow to watch Most Haunted Live. Broadcast on the Travel Channel from 8PM EST on Friday, June 1, through 3 AM on Saturday, June 2, the MHL crew will be taking over Eastern State Penitentiary (or E.S.P.). The event will also be extended to the Internet, with multiple streaming webcams located within areas of the ESP.

This is their first US visit (as the show usually takes place in the UK), and they’ve chosen their location wisely. The visually stunning Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA, is considered one of America’s most haunted places, and has a dark and controversial history. It also hosts …

Other than the Attack
Alligator Prop that I mentioned a few days ago, a house full of haunted portraits are top on my list of Halloween props to get when I’m rich. Unlike the alligator, lenticular portraits don’t go for obvious shock, but instead create an eerie mood. Guests in your haunted home will have time to look at the pictures from a distance and perhaps shiver a bit when they realize they are surrounded by creepy old paintings. As they begin to approach, a distinct change occurs within the frame, and the eerie mood culminates with a shock as your visitors realise there is more to the portrait than they first assumed. It’s a more sophisticated way to scare people than just using gore, as it takes time to …