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Zombie Cookies Recipe: With a little slicing and icing, simple gingerbread cookies morph into creepy yet delicious corpses for you to feast upon.

Wasabi Eyeballs are a delicious and easy Halloween recipe that’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Bleeding Cupcakes are a hit at Halloween parties or any time of the year. Using strawberries and jelly you can make these easy and healthy Halloween treat.

3 easy pumpkin recipes for Halloween or year round. Vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Do we have any other zombie-bakers in the house? If so, this post is dedicated to you.

Every time I visit a baking website or store I come up with new ideas for Halloween recipes and creepy food presentation. If you’ve been to the site before you may have realized this already. So far I’ve covered this year’s new Halloween-themed cupcake and cake options, and I’ve finally found some cookie cutters that befit our creepy kitchens. Cuz we know the traditional pumpkin and cat shapes are old hat.
In the shapes of hands and feet, these small cookie cutters will make a delicious spread fit for zombies and cannibals alike. This could actually be one of the most simple, yet impressively presented, homemade treats in your spooky arsenal. I picture just small amounts of red icing on the fingertips & …

Spicy Bruised Bugs is a delicious and healthy Halloween recipe full of colorful veggies and wild spices!