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Here’s another round of couple costumes ideas, this time with a focus on the same gender. Whether you’re spending Halloween with your best friend or partner, here’s a few ideas for what to wear on The Big Night. If you don’t have time to put a costume together yourself, there’s still time to order from Halloween Costumes For Less (best costume retailer ever).

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For the Ladies

Daphne and Velma couple costume
Daphne and Velma: The more interesting half of the Scooby Doo team wear brightly colored outfits that you can probably find at your local thrift store. Notice how even with the huge, dorky glasses and sweater that Velma is still totally foxy?

Ginger and Mary Ann couple costume
Ginger and Mary Ann: Another classic duo with costumes that are probably already in your closet are the lovely and comedic ladies from Gilligan’s Island. You’ll need a long, clingy dress with big red hair and red gingham with dark pigtails.

Shining Twins couple costume
Shining Twins: The Grady Twins are unmistakable with their cult status, but surprisingly not a costume you see very often. Don matching blue dresses with a bit of splatter and you’ll be ready to play forever and ever.

Xena and Gabrielle couple costume
Xena and Gabrielle: This is a popular costumed duo at conventions, but you can also go the store bought route. The dynamic between the two women makes this a great buddy or couple costume.

Absolutely Fabulous couple costume
Absolutely Fabulous: The brash and hedonistic Patsy and Eddy are perfect costume choices for a Halloween party. The hair (blonde beehive and unruly red mane, respectively), fashion disaster wardrobe, and perpetual bottle of booze are good for a laugh, but the scathing one liners are what make these really fun costumes.

Siamese Twins couple costume
Siamese Twins: For the couple who simply can’t be apart, you can’t go wrong as conjoined twins. Sew together 2 skirts (for ease of movement) and start practicing your shambling.

Thelma and Louise couple costume
Thelma and Louise: These outlaws are clad in denim, sleeveless tops, huge curly auburn hair, neck and hair scarves, sunglasses and red lipstick. Here are some suggestions and photos from the movie that would help with developing your costumes.

For the Fellas

Batman and Robin couple costume
Batman and Robin: What a great team. Superhero costumes have been a hot choice for several years in a row, but Batman and Robin will never go out of style. And neither will the innuendos.

Jay and Silent Bob couple costume
Jay and Silent Bob: Except for Jay’s really long, stringy blonde hair, here’s another costume choice that you might have sitting in your closet. They’re the ultimate slackers so the costumes really take a back seat to the mannerisms and Jay’s one-liners.

Hot Fuzz couple costume
Hot Fuzz: Nicholas and Danny are the ultimate buddy cops, with an English twist. First order of business in these costumes is to fire your gun in the air and yell “Aaaaaaah!”

Ambiguously Gay Duo
Ambiguously Gay Duo: Spandex clad Ace and Gary are your ticket to non-stop double entendres. Actually, you might be surprised how many people made a go at this costume. If hits on flickr and Google are any indication of satisfaction, then this costume is a real winner.

Spy vs Spy couple costume
Spy vs Spy: Have fun pranking your spy nemesis all night! All black or white costumes are easy to assemble, so just make a posterboard cone for the mask and add an extra large brim to your hat. This would work just as well for women, too.

Siamese Twins couple costume
Siamese Twins: This costume works for guys too, but it might be a little harder to walk with a set of conjoined pants. Maybe try for joined-at-the-waist a la Stuck on You.

Have you worn or seen any cool couple costumes? Share your ideas in the comments!

Posted on October 25th, 2007 in
Halloween Costumes by Lauren

Since many of our visitors discover 365 Halloween by way of searching for costumes, here’s round 2 of the Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas. If you and your honey still haven’t decided what to be, read on for some quick inspiration. If you don’t have time to put a costume together yourself, there’s still time to order from Buy Costumes and shipping is free on orders $60+.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono couple costume
John Lennon and Yoko Ono: With decent accessories, you don’t have to resemble John or Yoko to make a convincing costume. The Wedding Album outfits might be even easier to reproduce if you have a lot of white in your closet.

Richie and Margot Tenenbaum couple costume
Richie and Margot Tenenbaum: You’ll find everything you need at your local thrift store, and about a week of not shaving. Don’t forget your wooden finger (I hear cardboard works in a pinch) and tennis racket.

Casey and Scream couple costume
Casey and Scream Killer: Not a traditional couple, but a Halloween favorite nonetheless. This is another couple costume that can probably be shopped for exclusively at a thrift store. Add a little gore and a big old cordless phone.

Zombie Bride and Groom couple costume
Zombie Bride and Groom: We’ve said it before: zombie costumes can have any theme. Zombie outbreaks can happen anywhere, even at a wedding. Old wedding gowns and suits are cheap and plentiful, so get yourself a bottle of stage blood and get to splattering!

Mooninites couple costume
Mooninites: Some foamboard, hot glue, fluorescent paint, and blistering insults will make you want to write dis costume rulez #1 into a car with your key.

Morticia and Gomez couple costume
Morticia & Gomez Addams: For the highly amorous, raven haired couple, the Addams Family make perfect costume choices. If you can’t find a pinstripe suit, try the smoking jacket version; always have a cigar, though. A fencing foil or Thing make great accessories.

Fallen Angel & Devil couple costume
Fallen Angel & Devil: A sinister little twist on the standard angel/devil couple costume. Why can’t you both be a little naughty on Halloween?

Meg and Jack White Stripes couple costume
Meg & Jack White Stripes: Alternating red and white t-shirts and bottoms, dark wigs. You are ready to rock.

Brangelina and Posh + Becks couple costumes
Brangelina or Posh & Becks: Looking for the most unintentionally ridiculous costume possible? Be a celebrity couple! There’s even a Posh Wig in blonde or brunette if you don’t have that funky asymmetrical haircut.

*Sorry for being so gender specific with “couple” costume ideas (with the exception of the Mooninites). Check out our same sex couple costume ideas for friends and gay couples.

Posted on October 24th, 2007 in
Halloween Costumes by Lauren

It’s October 23rd, so you’ve got just barely over a week to put together an awesome costume for The Big Day. Never fear, you’re not destined to wear an ill-fitting, cheaply constructed, store bought monstrosity this year! Through the magic of flickr, we’ve put together a list of creative costumes that you can whip together within a week, or just one night if you’re that much of a procrastinator.

Face Mask
Creepy Mask: Make an unsettling mask from ripped up magazine photos. The rest of the costume doesn’t really matter, since your freaky face will be the focal point.

Crash victim
Crash Victim: A little gore makeup, a lot of CAUTION tape, and a faux tire tread mark makes for smashing costume. Zing!

iPod costume
iPod Advertisement: You’re already permanently attached to your earbuds, so just add an all black outfit and a fluorescent sheet of post board or painted cardboard.

Unicorn Head Costume
Just The Head: Equal parts irony and cute, wear just a headpiece. Make a paper mache mask, wear an ear hat, or just be a severed head.

Ninja costume
Ninja: The costume that’s probably already in your closet. Head to toe black clothing with a t-shirt mask. Or add a twist and be a ninja ballerina, ninja runner, or make a social statement as an unemployed ninja.

2 Heads
2 Headed: You’re already half way there. Just add another head (think lightweight like styrofoam or paper mache), and wrap yourself in a scarf.

Salvador Dali costume
Salvador Dali: All you need is that gravity-defying mustache and a suit, plus a wily look in your eye.

Super Hero Costume
Custom Super Hero: A cape and a mask are the basics, and that could be as simple as using a towel and a $2 mask. We’ve all wished for superhero powers, so just make up a character based on those dreams and practice your super poses for photo ops.

Cardboard Robot
Cardboard Robot: As we mentioned before, robots make great costumes because they leave room for a lot of creativity and can be as simple or elaborate as you want. A box, some silver spray paint, and any cabling that you have lying around = robot.

Nudist costume
Nudist on Strike: If it’s especially cold where you live, you can bundle up like usual and just add a “nudists on strike” sign. Be prepared to spend much of the night negotiating.

Have you found any cool online costume photos that might inspire a last minute costume? Halloween procrastinators need your help; leave your suggestions in the comments!

Posted on October 23rd, 2007 in
Halloween Costumes by Lauren

Halloween party Bat SandwichAfter a successful unveiling of these delicious mini open face sandwiches at this years Halloween party, we knew we had to quickly post them on the site. We called them Fried Yam Bat Sandwiches, but the party goers just called them delicious. So bust out your mini cookie cutters and add this guest-pleasing recipe to your Halloween party menu.

Posted on October 21st, 2007 in
Halloween Food, Site News by Sean

Halloween Sales As Halloween approaches the deals get even better, but beware, because costumes do sell out! Here are some of the latest deals;

Fright Catalog Monster Costume Clearance – Get up to 60% off select costumes. Also remember to use code SPOOKY07 to get 10% off orders $90+

BuyCostumes – Get 99 cent shipping (on orders $60+) plus guaranteed Halloween delivery. See their shipping chart to make sure you order in time for Halloween.

Costume Craze – Use coupon code LNTEN to get 10% off

Be sure to see our previous post about Halloween discounts and Halloween store coupons. Some of those devilish deals are still in effect. Better yet, subscribe to our Halloween Sales RSS Feed and be the first to know. If you know of any other Halloween sales, drop a comment with the details.

Posted on October 19th, 2007 in
Halloween Sales by Sean

Easy Felt Banner Tutorial Step right up boils and ghouls, to the new Easy Felt Banner tutorial. With a couple sheets of felt and a sewing machine you’re about a half hour away from a scary circus inspired banner.

Remember the neighbor-frightening decoration that we mentioned earlier this month? Hopefully we’ll get that made tomorrow and posted in the next couple days. Unless it looks like crap, in which case we’ll be scouring the site 1984-style for promises of said tutorial. Double-Plus Good!

Posted on October 18th, 2007 in
Halloween Decor, Site News by Lauren
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