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Easy Felt Banner Tutorial Step right up boils and ghouls, to the new Easy Felt Banner tutorial. With a couple sheets of felt and a sewing machine you’re about a half hour away from a scary circus inspired banner.

Remember the neighbor-frightening decoration that we mentioned earlier this month? Hopefully we’ll get that made tomorrow and posted in the next couple days. Unless it looks like crap, in which case we’ll be scouring the site 1984-style for promises of said tutorial. Double-Plus Good!

Posted on October 18th, 2007 in
Halloween Decor, Site News by Lauren

Pumpkin Wire Picture Holders Okay my little dark decorators, we have a new Halloween Decor tutorial for you, courtesy of Jill King from Spokane, WA*. You know those little bricks of modeling clay that are available at every craft store? With a just little bit of artistry- not too much, this craft is still suitable for beginners- you can transform those into little pumpkin picture holders. Use them to display creepy old ephemera, Halloween cards, or even your emo photography. Here’s an easy Halloween decorating idea: for a simple Halloween display, line up a handful of these along a windowsill or mantle and your decor is done. No matter what you’ve got going on with your Halloween decorations, these will make a creepy cool addition.

New Tutorial: Pumpkin Wire Picture Holder

*Thanks, Jill!

Posted on September 28th, 2007 in
Halloween Decor, Site News by Lauren

hand in chest prop Haunters are an ingenious bunch. They’re always thinking of ways to make their props and decorations more realistic, elaborate, and impressive. While their efforts are no doubt scaring the pants off their victims, sometimes simpler is better. How often to do you hear that “gore isn’t scary” and that mood or “hinting at the monster” is what really gave someone the chills?

I stumbled upon this Hand in a Box prop, and could immediately imagine the shock of those who unwittingly pushed the red button. “…the observers are supposed to push the ON button. After a while the lid of the trunk opens, a hand comes out and turns off the machine. The trunk closes – that’s it!”. Normally I try to present project ideas that come with at least a few instructions, but this simplistic prop seemed very worthy of mention anyway. Imagine this chest sitting on a pedestal at your front door. Before knocking to get their candy, Trick-or-Treaters would invariably push the button and scream as the hand shot out and slammed the lid. I am probably far too motivated by the screams of kids, but that thought is inspiring me to try my first pneumatic prop.

For all you other animated prop newbies, here are a few online resources to get you started. If you make a prop like this (or have already made one), please let us know!

Posted on September 15th, 2007 in
Halloween Decor by Lauren
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sleepyhallow props for a gory Halloween During a recent search of “handmade Halloween” auctions at eBay, I discovered a seller who is sure to impress and delight my fellow Halloween lovers. Among the pumpkin covered hair clips and collaged Halloween cards, the gory goods from sleepyhallowprops really grab your attention. The store is run by Erik, a high school student trying to make money for the summer up into October. His specialty is butchered limbs, so if you’re planning on Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Saw themed decor this year then you know where to go.

Erik says, “I love Halloween and have been making props and decorating my front yard since I was little. This summer I decided I would take my skills and use them to make some extra money and to make quality homemade props that people can enjoy too. I will be making props to be regularly listed on eBay until the end of October. I am creating and sketching out new plans for more props that I will be making and selling soon. I am hoping soon to open my own Halloween prop website and selling homemade Halloween props.”

PS- Only 60 days until Halloween! And Happy Birthday to our resident 365 Halloween zombie, Sean!

Posted on August 31st, 2007 in
Halloween Decor, Halloween Websites by Lauren

Haunted Mansion Gate Plaque When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls. Whenever candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still. Haunted Mansion Stretching PortraitThat is the time when deals are present and you should create your own Haunted Mansion with full size working replicas from Gothic Manner. Was that cheesy enough for you? That’s right foolish mortals, everything from the coveted Haunted Mansion Gate Plaque, the infamous 4 stretched paintings, the all-knowing Madame Leota, and even the wallpaper and doors in the spooky hallways. It’s all there and it’s all on sale.

They only have one sale a year, and this is it! It’s over October 2nd, so remember to act quick because some items vanish without a trace before then. As a special bonus for those who deck out their mansion with over $250 worth of ghastly goods will get a special gift. Those who get even more spooky decor will get even more free gifts.

For those of us who want to know the secrets behind the magic of the Haunted Mansion look no further than GrimGhosts.com secrets of the major effects.

Posted on August 25th, 2007 in
Halloween Decor by Sean

mini pumpkin eyeballsWhen was the last time you saw a creative use for a mini pumpkin? During Fall they’re usually displayed next to a bunch of other mini pumpkins, just sitting there and looking all tiny and cute. Or being painted on Kountry Kitchen-style or being made into kid crafts… Learn how to transform the little buggers into something cooler using these tutorials. Starting with a “ghost” white mini pumpkin you can make big creepy bloodshot eyeballs. I have a feeling we’ll make a bunch of these this Halloween to go along window sills, float in punch, and add interest to props.

blinky LED mini pumpkinFor the more technically inclined, you might enjoy taking apart a bicycle tire light and making a blinking LED pumpkin. As the tutorial mentions, this project is great for us who want to decorate our work space in October but don’t have the time or desk real estate for a standard sized pumpkin. Plus, it’s always fun to gut electronics.

Have you seen any interesting projects involving mini pumpkins, or have you come up with a unique way to use them in your Halloween decorating? Drop us a comment and let us know.

Posted on March 24th, 2007 in
Halloween Decor by Lauren
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