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bloody Halloween table

This conceptual “bloody table” design by French designer John Nouanesing would make a killer Halloween decoration. It’s not available for purchase, but you could probably make your own version.

wooden dowels for bloody Halloween prop table
Either start with an old table you already have and remove the legs or get a piece of plywood. Attach some skinny wooden dowels as table legs. For the blood effect try liquid latex or spray foam (expanded polystyrene). Around the edges of the table it looks like craft foam might be the best option for easy shaping.

But as with all DIY Halloween projects, there are probably many methods of making it look amazing. Just experiment and see what you come up with. If you make your own Bloody Table, leave a comment and let us know how it turned out!

Posted on October 3rd, 2008 in
Halloween Decor by Lauren
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Terrorific Tuesdays Halloween Craft Projects at SwellDesigner

Alexa at SwellDesigner let us know about a weekly Halloween Craft and Idea project that she’s working on this year. She has been posting a tutorial each Tuesday for a variety of Halloweeny decorations and goodies. Here are some great ones;

Terrorific Tuesday Halloween Crafts In addition to her own projects, she is now adding a Halloween Crafts and Ideas Roundup that will include other spooky projects from around the Internet. If you’re the DIY type, be sure to check back weekly for more creative inspiration.

Posted on October 2nd, 2008 in
Halloween Decor, Halloween Websites by Lauren
Night of the Zombie Pumpkins

There’s always something new going on at Zombie Pumpkins. Proprietor, stencil illustrator, webmaster, and zombie-wrangler, Ryan, is a man of many talents and ideas. Not content to let his site rot like an old pumpkin, it receives a steady creative transfusion every Halloween season. So what’s new at the best pumpkin carving pattern site on the Internet?

  • Each year a new zombie-related theme for the website is chosen and for 2008 it’s “Night of the Zombie Pumpkins“. As always, there’s an amazing new site design to go with it. It’s seriously worth it to visit the entire site just to see how detailed and cohesive the design is.
  • Each year Zombie Pumpkins chooses a new charity to raise funds for. This Halloween your purchase of a “Monster All Access” membership will help Free Arts for Abused Children. (You will also get some exclusive bonus pumpkin patterns!)
  • Finally, the real guts of the site are the amazing new pumpkin stencils that come from Ryan’s original illustrations. The collection is already huge, but he adds new designs all the time. Freshest from the pumpkin patch are shown below. For those about to carve, we salute you!
New Zombie Pumpkins Stencils
Posted on September 25th, 2008 in
Halloween Decor, Halloween Websites, Odds and Ends by Lauren
sinister door Halloween prop

Every home haunter can use help transforming their walls and doors. Faux cobwebs and black trash bags can only go so far, right? Not very many pre-made options exist, and none of them look as cool as these Dramatic Double Doors. Phantom Moose Films shows us an easy tutorial using cardboard, a glue gun and some spray paint. They needed this prop for a castle scene in one of their short films, and necessity was the mother of invention. Isn’t that always the way?

Good luck with the project and have fun storming the castle!

Posted on September 10th, 2008 in
Halloween Decor by Lauren

Let me guess. You’ve been spending your summer vacation making gory Halloween props and really accurate vintage Halloween decorations. Wait, that’s Sleepy Hallow Props and Dead Tree Halloween, respectively. These creative Halloween lovers let us know that their eBay stores are already in full swing. Check out their creepy offerings…

Dead Tree Vintage Halloween Decorations

Canada based Dead Tree Halloween hand makes each of their vintage inspired Halloween decorations. But they also go the extra mile by incorporating vintage design elements and materials into the ornaments:

“All of our ornaments are handcrafted in our studio using materials that would have been available in the 1920’s & 30’s, or as close to it as possible. We also incorporate as much actual vintage material as we can find. All of our Dresdens are made by a company in Germany that has been producing them since 1861. The company still used the same machinery and the same dies to stamp them so are they actually reproductions or are they ‘vintage’? Hmmmm… good question. Most of our plaster items are made using antique or vintage candy molds, some of the molds we have made ourselves. All of our designs are original and we get our ideas from actual vintage Halloween items, old magazines, catalogs and the like.”

There are so many “vintage inspired” items out there that are just so garish because the manufacturers don’t seem to care about those kinds of details. It’s nice to see an artisan take pride in such accurate reproductions. Soon they will be adding a bunch more designs such as garlands and tree toppers so be sure to add them to your favorite sellers to stay updated.

Halloween props by Sleepy Hallow Props

If you’re a regular here, you might remember Sleepy Hallow Props from last year. We’re glad to see that Erik is back making his quality homemade props again this season. Because what’s Halloween without a bucket of bloody guts or a killer butcher’s meat hanger?

Do you sell your Halloween themed goods online? Know of a great Halloween e-store that we should feature? Get in touch!

Posted on August 19th, 2008 in
Halloween Decor, Halloween Sales, Spooky Art by Lauren

Your New Mad Science Lab
Inspiration can come in the most unexpected places. So can Halloween decorations. A few days ago, some aimless browsing on eBay produced a wondrous discovery: the Vintage Science & Medicine category. Talk about the mother-lode! Collectors of antique items are probably the most frequent visitors, but for a creative Halloweenie it’s a treasure trove of creepy old artifacts that would be perfect to decorate a Halloween mad scientist party. Here are just a few of the curious, archaic, and sometimes chilling items that I found;

  • 18th Century Pewter Leaching Jars (you know, to hold your leaches)
  • Exceptional antique brass microscope (functional)
  • 61 Year Old Syringe and 12 needles (mint condition)
  • Antique dental chair (with spooky padded-electrode-looking headrest)
  • Victorian Anatomical Watercolor Posters of creepy skin conditions

With a Steampunk aesthetic that merges medical past with a more technological future, you can create an amazing DIY mad science lab. For a quick Martha Stewart inspired Mad Science Halloween party, check out this how-to. A more DIY version can be seen at ljcfyi’s Mad Scientist Dinner Party, complete with tons of inspiring pictures. Want to see what can really be accomplished with a lot of creativity and 80 hour work weeks? AlexCF is a an amazingly talented artist who creates “things you wish existed in forgotten attics or secret rooms“, deftly mixing the past with imagined technology. His work is wildly imaginative and instantly seems to draw you back into a time of wonder that may, or may not have happened…

Halloween Mad Science Supplies

And if you’re interested in conducting some genuine feats of mad science, I direct you to- of course- Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. And some safety goggles.

Posted on March 19th, 2008 in
Halloween Decor, Spooky Art by Lauren
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