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Zombie Magnetic Poetry
  • Remember when your artistic endeavors were proudly displayed on the refrigerator? And remember when you got called in to the principal’s office because of your disturbing drawing of a zombie eating the brain of an alien? Now you can combine your, uh, talents with these macabre and monster poetry magnets by Magnets de los MUERTOS.
  • Not only is Trick ‘r Treat finally being released on October 6th, but you can win a copy of the DVD from Dread Central. After 2 years of this movie being locked away in the studio vault, this is a highly anticipated Halloween movie. Some reviewers are even calling it the ultimate Halloween movie. What do you think?
  • Britta’s annual live Halloween party webcast is coming! Tune in on Saturday October 26th, 2013
  • Make this Halloween season easier on the whole family. parent hacks has compiled their best family-friendly Halloween tips (aka “hacks”).
  • There are a BUNCH of new Michael Jackson costumes this season. The high end ones are actually pretty cool. And if you ever thought of selling your MJ inspired vintage clothes, some rabid eBayers would like to have a word with you.
Michael Jackson Military Printed Jacket Adult Costume Michael Jackson Red Thriller Jacket Adult Costume

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24 halloween crafts in 24 hours
Spend this October working that devilish imagination of yours. Alexa is just days away from unearthing 24 Halloween craft tutorials in 24 hours. That should keep you busy until the Big Day. Alexa says they will be “quick and easy and very accessible projects. I’ll be covering everything from jewelry to decor ideas to fun food crafts to costumes! And all of the projects I make are something you can achieve in an evening, so it doesn’t mean you have to spend hours of labor slaving away on your crafts!”

Reader Debbie also let us know about her 2 newest craft tutorial projects: Crow Canister & Tray, and Vintage Look Halloween Decoupaged Decor. Bust out the glue and be sure to share the photos when you’re done.

Have you seen any amazing Halloween tutorials? Share your finds in the comments section!

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Autumn Maple Tree
Photo (c) Gigapic

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, today marks the first day of Autumn. What’s so special about this day? The tilt of the earth’s axis makes the nighttime equal to the daytime. Everywhere on earth experiences close to 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of nighttime. Plus, there are now just 38 days until Halloween!

Click here to learn more about the magical story of the Fall Equinox.

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Finally, Halloween Season is upon us! Fall is slowly creeping up, bringing down the temperatures and turning our thoughts to all things spooky and imaginative. Huzzah!

It’s been silent as the grave around here, hasn’t it? Never fear: there are some wonderful new changes in the wings that will mean lots more updates on 365 Halloween. Until then, now would be a great time to submit your clever Halloween ideas for inclusion on the site. Inspire other Halloweenies and show off your spooky skills by sending in your photos & tutorials.

So how are you getting into the Halloween spirit?
Have you chosen your costume yet?

Leave a comment and let us know!
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