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There are many milestones that usher in the Halloween season, and depending on your interests, some will be decidedly more exciting than others. The changing colors of the leaves and new flavors of candy corn are nice, but one sure sign that October 31st is nigh is the X-Entertainment Halloween Countdown. Its kickoff means a near daily dose of the unadulterated celebration of our beloved holiday. Every weekday Matt, the Man Behind the Curtain at X-E, writes about “new-for-2007 Halloween stuff and tons of ghoulish goodies from yesteryear.” Some highlights from last year include a review of the new Jones Soda Halloween flavors, The 3D effects of Friday the 13th: Part 3, the tale of his best Halloween costume ever, and a 3 part series on the best new candy of the season. Matt is …

I’m not going to mention anything worn in the movie Dodgeball. Jerseys and tracksuits aren’t funny, and a dodgeball costume is built for laughs. This style of retro attire is more akin to the late 70’s, early 80’s rollerskater. For both men and women it’s going to be about the same:

tight t-shirt
short shorts
striped knee socks
a dodgeball

For the best shirt possible, put your fake team’s name on there with a marker or using iron-on paper and your printer. If you’re going as a group of dodgeballers, opt for printed shirts from services like Spreadshirt (who offers glow in the dark ink). Plain t-shirts are good, and raglan sleeve shirts are better. For shorts, don’t be afraid of spandex if you’ve got it! This …