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Halloween Hip Hearse

Celebrate Halloween with the eerie whimsy of “Hip Hearses” from artist Caleb
Gray and Robert Kaufman Fabrics. These retro hearses put the “fun” in
funky, but watch out for the creepy coffin flying out of the back! 100%
cotton and available in multiple colorations, check out the entire
collection here: http://www.robertkaufman.com/fabrics/eerie_alley/

Hip Hearse Fabric

Shop online at:

or find a store near you: http://www.robertkaufman.com/where_to_buy/

Art by Caleb Gray can be seen internationally on a variety of products from
greeting cards, scrapbooking supplies, and gift bags to calendars, fabrics,
and children’s wall d├ęcor. Visit http://www.calebgraystudio.com/ to see
more art and check out his latest product releases.

Caleb Gray Hip Hearses

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Zombie Magnetic Poetry
  • Remember when your artistic endeavors were proudly displayed on the refrigerator? And remember when you got called in to the principal’s office because of your disturbing drawing of a zombie eating the brain of an alien? Now you can combine your, uh, talents with these macabre and monster poetry magnets by Magnets de los MUERTOS.
  • Not only is Trick ‘r Treat finally being released on October 6th, but you can win a copy of the DVD from Dread Central. After 2 years of this movie being locked away in the studio vault, this is a highly anticipated Halloween movie. Some reviewers are even calling it the ultimate Halloween movie. What do you think?
  • Britta’s annual live Halloween party webcast is coming! Tune in on Saturday October 26th, 2013
  • Make this Halloween season easier on the whole family. parent hacks has compiled their best family-friendly Halloween tips (aka “hacks”).
  • There are a BUNCH of new Michael Jackson costumes this season. The high end ones are actually pretty cool. And if you ever thought of selling your MJ inspired vintage clothes, some rabid eBayers would like to have a word with you.
Michael Jackson Military Printed Jacket Adult Costume Michael Jackson Red Thriller Jacket Adult Costume

Got any Halloween links to share? Leave your favorites in the comments section!

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Autumn Maple Tree
Photo (c) Gigapic

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, today marks the first day of Autumn. What’s so special about this day? The tilt of the earth’s axis makes the nighttime equal to the daytime. Everywhere on earth experiences close to 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of nighttime. Plus, there are now just 38 days until Halloween!

Click here to learn more about the magical story of the Fall Equinox.

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Fright Rags logo Fright-Rags was created for one simple reason: the owner, Ben, wanted cool looking horror shirts! He started in September of 2003 and up until that point there weren’t too many shirts out there that impressed him. Of the ones he did like, everyone seemed to be wearing them. What’s a horror hound to do? “As a way to let off some creative steam, I started working on my own ideas and posted them on various forums I was a part of to see what people thought of them. Well, apparently I wasn’t the only one that wanted something different as many others liked what I was showing. Based on that alone I ordered my first three designs with money I didn’t have (i.e. credit card) and spent Labor Day weekend designing and building the first ever Fright-Rags site and hoped for the best…”

It was a good gamble because 5 years later Fright Rags designs have been sold through out the world and there are are several new creative team members helping design, print, and program. But some things never change. Ben still fills all the orders and answers all of your emails, and he’s remaining true to his original focus: “To create the best horror shirts I can… no matter what.”

Here’s your chance to win one of these amazingly designed shirts. Flex those scary movie buff muscles and identify which movies are being shown in the 3 screencaps below.

The contest runs from October 9th – October 13th, 2008 at midnight PST. 2 winners will each get their choice of shirt.

BONUS: Get 10% off your order at Fright Rags from now until Halloween using coupon code 365HALLOW!

Name These 3 Scary Movies:

horror movie screencap 1
horror movie screencap 2
horror movie screencap 3

Send your answers to Send your entries here by October 13, 2008 before midnight PST. If you’re really stuck, here’s a hint: you can find each of these movies reviewed on our Top Scary Movies page.

Open to US residents 18 and older. Shirt choice can be any style listed in the “Horror T-Shirts” section of Fright Rags (this excludes the Vintage Horror Shirts). One entry per person. 2 winners will be chosen at random from all entries who correctly identify the 3 scary movie screencaps.

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Night of the Zombie Pumpkins

There’s always something new going on at Zombie Pumpkins. Proprietor, stencil illustrator, webmaster, and zombie-wrangler, Ryan, is a man of many talents and ideas. Not content to let his site rot like an old pumpkin, it receives a steady creative transfusion every Halloween season. So what’s new at the best pumpkin carving pattern site on the Internet?

  • Each year a new zombie-related theme for the website is chosen and for 2008 it’s “Night of the Zombie Pumpkins“. As always, there’s an amazing new site design to go with it. It’s seriously worth it to visit the entire site just to see how detailed and cohesive the design is.
  • Each year Zombie Pumpkins chooses a new charity to raise funds for. This Halloween your purchase of a “Monster All Access” membership will help Free Arts for Abused Children. (You will also get some exclusive bonus pumpkin patterns!)
  • Finally, the real guts of the site are the amazing new pumpkin stencils that come from Ryan’s original illustrations. The collection is already huge, but he adds new designs all the time. Freshest from the pumpkin patch are shown below. For those about to carve, we salute you!
New Zombie Pumpkins Stencils
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Autumn dawn
Photo (c) James Jordan

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, today marks the first day of Fall. (There are now just 38 days until Halloween!) What’s so special about this day? Today the tilt of the earth’s axis makes the nighttime equal to the daytime. Everywhere on earth experiences close to 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of nighttime. Wow.

To learn more about the amazing significance and history of the Fall Equinox, check out our newest article.

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Odds and Ends, Site News by Lauren
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