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Welcome to October! Less than 30 days to get all your Halloween plans together, including choosing a killer costume. If you’re still unsure what to dress up as, I’ve got a roundup of links that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Not sure where to start? The best tip I know of is to choose a Halloween costume that you’re genuinely interested in becoming. If you spend your days dreaming about how badass ninjas are, then be a ninja! If you really like a character from a movie or comic, become him or her for Halloween. For all you mavericks out there who want to do something truly original, dream up your own character. Feel free to borrow from any themes that appeal to you, whether they will “make sense” to other people or not. Grab a wig, a loud jacket, some face …

Recreate some of your favorite 80’s movie costumes like Bill & Ted, Teen Wolf, Ghostbusters, Ferris Bueller, Ninja Turtles and more.
Many of them are super easy costume ideas that you can make with a simple trip to the thrift store. Too busy for homemade? There’s also a selection of readymade costumes and some really awesome costume shirts!

I’m not going to mention anything worn in the movie Dodgeball. Jerseys and tracksuits aren’t funny, and a dodgeball costume is built for laughs. This style of retro attire is more akin to the late 70’s, early 80’s rollerskater. For both men and women it’s going to be about the same:

tight t-shirt
short shorts
striped knee socks
a dodgeball

For the best shirt possible, put your fake team’s name on there with a marker or using iron-on paper and your printer. If you’re going as a group of dodgeballers, opt for printed shirts from services like Spreadshirt (who offers glow in the dark ink). Plain t-shirts are good, and raglan sleeve shirts are better. For shorts, don’t be afraid of spandex if you’ve got it! This …

Zombie Costume How-To: Create an easy zombie costume from an old suit, some fake blood and makeup, or get creative with any outfit and a well planned story.

A suit is a very versatile Halloween costume item so we’ve assembled many ways to wear them creatively. Lots of films feature main characters that simply wear a suit and a few equally easy to obtain accessories. Suit costumes are also office-friendly, which is cool since finding an appropriate yet fun costume for work can be daunting. Since many people already have one on-hand, and adults are notorious for last-minute costumes, this page will help inspire some quick, sleek, group costumes.