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I’ll bet your potion cupboard could use a little added mystery. Whose doesn’t? Download these magical and menacing potion labels from Love Manor and have your glue stick at the ready. Transform your spice jars and empty booze bottles into such concoctions as Life Renewal Potion, Scrumptious Earth Worms, and our favorite, Snake Oil. They all have a gorgeously designed, decaying vintage look.

For a next to free alternative, some Dollar Tree stores have a ghastly collection of potion labels, too.

Have you made your own potion bottles?Drop a comment and let us know. We’re dying to see them.

Contest time! Threadless has reprinted the In Case of Zombies t-shirt… for a second time! To celebrate, we’re giving away one of these awesome shirts to a lucky reader.

To enter, leave a comment and tell us what’s your zompocalypse plan? Will you head for an island or join the ranks of the undead?

We want to encourage some creativity so one killer entry will win a Zombie Escape Plan journal to chronicle their ideas. Thanks to zombie lover and Etsy seller ChristineRenee for donating this awesome handmade journal! Be sure to check out her store for more zombie goodies. Sorry guys, but this contest sponsor flaked on us so no journals. But never fear, we’re sending out surprise packs for Kevin & Rick that will …

October has got to be the most popular month for horror movies. Everyone seems to crave a little scary viewing, even if they don’t identify as “horror fans”. Just try calling your local video rental store and checking stock on classics like The Exorcist, Scream, or Halloween- or just flip on the TV and see how many times those movies are rerun.

Whether you’re a veteran of gore or just want to get a little spooked this Halloween season, director Sam Raimi has a treat for you. You don’t even have to leave the house to rent it or have cable TV! He produced a series of exclusive shorts for FEARnet (a pretty cool horror and thriller website and video-on-demand provider) called Devil’s Trade. The story follows characters who buy a mysterious wooden cross from an online store …

The bummer about kids Halloween costumes is that they’re pretty much a one-time use item. Kids grow so dang fast, and unless you’ve got younger kids to pass down those costumes to, they’re useless to your family after the season. Thankfully, you can help out other families in need and give new life to a used costume at the same time. Preschool Rock has set up a Halloween Costume Exchange that allows you to donate your kids used costumes and get a 20% discount off a new costume for this year. Pretty sweet deal.

How Does the Halloween Costume Exchange Work?

Parents seeking free Halloween costumes:

Look through the listings of free Halloween costumes.

When a desirable Halloween costume is found, the parent contacts the Halloween costume donator via email to arrange for shipment.

Parent receives Halloween costume in the mail just in time for Halloween!

Parents wanting …

In honor of Resident Evil: Extinction hitting theatres, I declare today Zombie Friday. Since truly cool zombie news doesn’t happen every week this will probably be a bi-weekly feature, but we’ll see. If you have any zombie goodies to recommend for the next Zombie Friday, shoot me an e-mail (And do aim for the head… Zing!)

So you’ve just watched Extinction and you’re hungering for more zombie viewing? Visit Zombie Cinema and you can watch 70+ zombie movies and shorts. They’re all free and in the public domain so you don’t have to worry about the MPAA knocking on your door. Talk about flesh hungry ghouls…

If you’ve never listened to Pseudopod, an amazing horror fiction podcast, be sure to poke through their archives. Their topics span all corners of the horror genre, but there are a couple great …

Here are some free Halloween countdowns that you can add to your website. Just click the “get & share” button to get the code.

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