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Want a really unique costume idea? Do you like the vintage look? The contrast of a black and white costume can create a really stunning visual effect and they leave lots of room for creativity.
Get some great vintage inspired black and white costume ideas here.

Avast, Halloweenies! Today indeed be Talk Like A Pirate Day, where beauties and bilge rats alike put some extra swagger in their speech. Why? Tis’ all in good fun, maties!

If September 19th isn’t enough to whet your pirate whistle, pirates make an adventurously fun Halloween theme, too. Since the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out in 2003, pirate parties and pirate costumes have become a very familiar part of our culture. It might be the middle of February but you can probably find someone who’s having a pirate themed party. Could be your co-worker or 4 year old niece! The pirate mythology is so full of adventure, romance, mystery, and surprises that it appeals to most of us on some level. It’s not surprising that since 2003, …

Every home haunter can use help transforming their walls and doors. Faux cobwebs and black trash bags can only go so far, right? Not very many pre-made options exist, and none of them look as cool as these Dramatic Double Doors. Phantom Moose Films shows us an easy tutorial using cardboard, a glue gun and some spray paint. They needed this prop for a castle scene in one of their short films, and necessity was the mother of invention. Isn’t that always the way?

Good luck with the project and have fun storming the castle!

It’s nearly July and the temperatures are already soaring. Sunburns and summer vacation are the hot topics. Time to put on some Risky Business sunglasses and head for the beach or a Slip N’ Slide or something… Wait… it’s 100 degrees out and you’re hungry for Halloween? So are we! Thankfully there’s no need to wait until October for Halloween. Our motto is “spooky Halloween fun all year long” for a reason: you can have a “mini Halloween” any day of the year.

During a particularly gloomy and muggy June day, we did just that. We spent the entire day in spooky makeup and outfits, making and eating Halloween treats, decorating the house in orange and black, freaking people out and watching scary movies.

In the morning …

Have a birthday or other event coming up? Kasey Smith recently staged an elaborate surprise birthday party with an awesome theme. “A yacht party to Angel Island that was infested with brain hungry zombies!”

I don’t know about you guys, but if I were the lucky victim of the surprise Yacht Club Yuppie Zombie Party I’d immediately elevate everyone involved to BFF status. That’s definitely the most elaborate and creative Halloween-related party theme I’ve ever heard of.

Do you think there were any survivors?

A creative Halloweenie can transform a treasure trove of creepy old artifacts into perfect decorations for a Halloween mad scientist party. Where to find such dastardly tools for your mad science party? Read on…