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We recently featured some costume makeup video tutorials to help the ladies win those costume contests. This time around we are featuring some video tutorials for the guys to get creepy with.

Zipper Eyes

Joker Makeup

More Dark Knight Joker makeup tutorials;

Ghoulish Makeup on a Budget

Not sure on your costume just yet, or want to get some more gruesome makeup tips? Try a simple search for top rated Halloween makeup videos on YouTube to get more ideas than you can shake a severed arm at.

Posted on October 19th, 2008 in
Halloween Costumes by Sean

DIY Halloween Costume ideas Still deciding what to be for Halloween? Let’s see what ideas the Internet has so kindly assembled for us. First stop is American Apparel, the Los Angeles based manufacturer of tons of fair labor clothing items. Their super simple, single color clothes are perfect for creating costumes from. Seen to the left are the “nudist colony” group costume idea and a hipster “cyclist”. There’s a handy Flash based viewer on their site with several more costume ideas based from their clothing line, but you can easily use stuff from your own closet.

AA is also holding a DIY Halloween Costume Contest. Win $100 store credit with your own homemade costume or just rate all of the photo submissions.

Another fantastic resource is Polyvore. The site “lets you mix and match images from anywhere on the web” to create a digital collage graphic. Using this great feature they been posting lots of creative costume ideas on their blog. Here are a few highlights; vintage-modern vampire, Jem, modern Snow White, and DC comic Catwoman.

Polyvore Halloween costume ideas

It’s mostly women’s costume ideas, but you’ll find a few good men’s costumes as well. Polyvore’s blog is one of my favorite sites right now for gathering costume ideas because of the incredible variety and unique takes on classic costume ideas. Definitely worth going through all their posts.

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And if you just don’t feel like making a homemade costume, use the coupon below to get 10% off at Buy Costumes (plus free shipping on orders $65+)
Halloween Costumes Coupon

Posted on October 17th, 2008 in
Halloween Costumes by Lauren

Even if you have already have an amazing Halloween costume, the addition of some well done makeup can really transform your look further. Go from wow to a costume contest winner with one of these Halloween makeup tutorials.

Tim Burton inspired Corpse Bride Makeup

More Halloween tutorials from MissChievous;

Pale Zombie Makeup

Inspiring Halloween Makeup Ideas

This video is just a compilation of wild makeup photos, but it will give you some great ideas for augmenting your existing costume or creating a look of your own.

We’ll be featuring some scary/gory/horror makeup tutorials next so come back tomorrow for more!

Posted on October 16th, 2008 in
Halloween Costumes by Lauren

The folks at Threadbanger never disappoint. The hosts Rob and Corinne plus all the budding Threadbangers in the forums are always full of unique DIY project ideas. With October half way over, they’re kicking into Halloween mode and unleashing another series of spooky video tutorials on us. Here’s a preview of what’s to come…

And here’s the first video tutorial for 2008: a Wicked Witch Costume. With some basic sewing skills you can transform some old clothes you aren’t wearing anymore into a super ruffled, super stylish witch costume. And what witch would be complete without her hat? Using some wire, interfacing and scrap fabric you can make a custom hat to your own bewitching specifications.

Plus more from last year’s Threadbanger tutorials;

Looking for something even easier? Michael’s has 31 T-shirt costumes that you can DIY in a snap.

Got any costume tutorial links to share?
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Posted on October 12th, 2008 in
Halloween Costumes by Lauren

There are some costumes that are nearly impossible to buy used; this year’s blockbuster superhero costumes for instance. You’re going to have to pay retail and the costume will always have that fresh-from-the-factory polyester smell. On the other hand, hippie costumes are much easier to buy vintage and at a discounted price. Since the “costumes” are authentic clothing from the 1960’s-70’s the quality is always higher and you’re likely to end up wearing a more comfortable natural fabric instead of the itchy stuff that new costumes are usually made of. When you take a look at the styles of store bought “hippie costumes”, the choice is pretty much a no brainer.

How easy is a vintage hippie costume to put together? After choosing an awesome vintage outfit, it just depends on how detailed you want to get. With the right accessories you can really win some costume contests. For women, you can ride the boho trend with tall boots, ethnic jewelry, and a headband worn across the forehead. A more simple hippie girl look can be achieved in barefeet (weather permitting) or sandals, a pair of comfy bellbottom jeans, some fresh flowers in your hair, and yes even some peace-loving face paint.

Men's Vintage Hippie Costume Jacket
Image (c) wearekoalas

Men's Vintage Hippie Costume Ideas

For men, look for anything patchwork, tie-dyed, fringed or “ethnic” looking. Vests, bellbottoms, dashikis and ponchos are good outfit staples. Long hair is a must so if you don’t have your own, look for a long wig.

Since hippies were trying to start a revolution, why not use this costume as an excuse to spread your own message of change? Carry around a sign with your favorite slogan about peace. Or use John and Yoko’s: War is Over (if you want it).

Remember, hippies did their own thing and defied conventions so get creative with your costume. We can look to the past for inspiration, but there’s no “wrong” way to create this look. If you’re even considering a hippie costume, your friends are all too young to know what a “real hippie” even looked like: you can easily get away with mixing early 60’s with mid 70’s styles.

Oh, and one more cool thing about buying a vintage costume? Reusing is always more eco-friendly than buying new, and a great way to make this year a green Halloween.

Your local thrift stores are always the best place to start looking for vintage clothing, but eBay has some amazing finds, too. Below are some of the most popular hippie costume auctions to get you inspired or get your costume started.

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More authentic vintage hippie costumes for Women or Men
Posted on October 8th, 2008 in
Halloween Costumes by Lauren

For the most unique and spectacular Halloween goodies you really can’t do better than handmade. The diversity, quality and imagination beats the pants off any of the mass produced Halloween items. Etsy – the epicenter of handmade items sold online – has put together a spooktacular Halloween gift guide that features quite an array of treats; costumes, decorations, jewelry and accessories, toys, cards, spooky art, and even food. Now you can support independent artisans while decking out your haunted mansion in style.

Etsy Halloween gift guide
Posted on October 7th, 2008 in
Halloween Costumes, Halloween Decor, Halloween Food, Spooky Art by Lauren
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